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Zoggers™ develops, manufactures, and sells Superb products which make life Simpler and Safer. We offer a Money-back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as a Quality Warranty for workmanship and durability.

Our latest release is a multiple-compartment, wearable travel wallet, which holds large-size cell phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus. This pouch is neatly constructed with RFID blocking material sewn inside the wallet eliminating the need to wrap your credit cards in aluminum foil. While you will find this tote useful for many purposes, in our opinion you can't do better to securely carry necessities during a cruise with onshore excursions! 

We also offer the wearable travel wallet with an ultra lightweight stylus because we like carrying as little weight as possible with the convenience of using a touch-screen phone in cold weather or when our hands are wet.

Another version of the wallet also comes with a screw lock carabiner for those who like carrying a light weight extra such as a small video camera.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions before or after your purchase. 

Best wishes for safe and enjoyable travel!