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Stop Facebook Hackers Part 1: Quick Overview

Cynthia Furubotten #zoggerssafer Facebook Hackers

Image of Crook Breaking into Facebook Safe Overview

Facebook hacking is a fairly common occurrence. Our post today is the first in a series which will help Facebook users better understand how hacks are done and also how to help protect their accounts.

Facebook Hackers Types 

1. The Doppelganger has stolen your name and images to create his own Facebook account which looks identical to your Facebook account. He doesn't have enough information yet to log-in to your account. (Click here to read more about The Doppelganger

2. Spy Guy uses an app you allowed or an article you clicked-on to secretly track your keystrokes, internet sites and gather other information.

3. The Identity Thief has obtained enough information to log-in to your account and commandeer it. After he changes your password, you lose all access to your own account.

Look for future posts on Facebook hacks and protection, as well as other ways to stay safer.

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